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 group meditation + individual coaching

with Devon Pipars and Kelsey Lettko

Next Session - Fall 2019

Are you ready to shed what's not working in your life and tap into your strength?


Now is the time to invest in you. Get clear on your "why" and take action towards creating the life that deeply fulfills you this summer.

Join Devon Pipars and Kelsey Lettko for an 8 week journey toward creating the life you truly want. Meet via video on weekly for group meditation, discussion, and accountability. Have bi-weekly individual coaching sessions to turn your clarity into action. It's time to take the next step — why wait?

                      what's included


8 1.5-hour weekly group meditation and satsang sessions via zoom video on Sundays at 9:30am PST

Introduction to several different meditation techniques in order to discover what works best for you

4 Bi-weekly individual coaching sessions via zoom video with Kelsey to get clear on your next step and make an action plan for you to move forward

2 x 30 min one-on-one phone calls with Devon to establish and integrate a personal daily meditation practice 

Coursework designed to help you get clear on your values and goals 

Accountability on the goals you set

A community to support you

The courage to take the leap



"This course came at just the right time, in just the right package, and with just the right set of skillful guidance and resources to enable me to step up and meet my long-standing intentions for action (change jobs!) and deepened understanding (re-discover my intuition!) that I had set for myself. Loved the invigorating 1:1 coaching, personal meditation consultation, tools, routines, compassion, and fellow community that facilitated my momentum and growth. Feel very grateful for Kelsey and Devon’s skills and commitment to enabling our awareness to action."

- Alex R.

"I absolutely loved this course! It changed my mindset, such as the value of being more open and communicative, how great our intuition is, and that I don't have to listen to my self-critic. I feel more uplifted and excited to find my path. I am grateful for the connection of the group and the safe space that allowed us to freely share and to be listened to. Devon and Kelsey are an incredible pair with so much care and tools to make peoples' lives happier. I highly recommend taking this course and having their support, positive energy, and guidance."

- Danielle G

"This course was a great way to not only create a personal meditation practice, but also to grow as a person by spending time with others who are struggling with their own growth along with you."

- Adrian A. 

"Devon is the ONLY meditation teacher that is able to get me to the clear headed space of nothingness and elevation. Her gentle demeanor and approach are met with a strength and confidence that is contagious. I always looks forward to class with Devon and the opportunity to be around her."  -

- Kady P.


"Kelsey broke me open in a way that I would not have been able to do on my own. I love her presence, techniques, guidance and clarity. Thank you for helping me deeply shift. I feel like I'm ready to step into my new reality, the one I've longed for for so very long.... THANK YOU Kelsey. You truly have a gift."

- Lara S.

meet your teachers

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A seeker of Truth and a meditator for 16 years, Devon recently spent four years in constant study and practice of Advaita (non-duality) philosophy and meditation.  Sitting at the feet of a Realized Master in the Himalayas of northern India, she had the time and rare opportunity to ask questions, challenge every single belief she had, and investigate thoroughly not only the nature of consciousness but also the key to living free of suffering. Simply put, whatever level you are at, she can help you go deeper into self-inquiry and solidify your meditation practice.

She is equipped with varied approaches to meditation the suit all levels, as well as tools to employ when it seems you are having difficulty meditating.  For those established in their practice, she offers a deepening and maturing of that state which is constantly available even while not meditating, through the examination of what meditation really is and why we need to do it.  Everyone, regardless of experience, can find a definitive answer to the question "Who am I?" through the process of guided self-inquiry. Belief is not required; merely an openness to noticing what is already fully present.

Kelsey is a coach, yoga and dance teacher, and entrepreneur who believes that the only difference between those who are living their dream and those who aren't is action. After a few years working full time in tech, she realized that she was trying to force herself inside a life that was not meant for her at the expense of her health, relationships, and happiness. She spent a few weeks in the jungle in Hawaii for her yoga teacher training, started listening to the voice of her intuition for the first time, exploded everything that didn’t feel right in her life, and started piecing it back together in a way that felt not only right, but deeply fulfilling. Her coaching strategy is a holistic approach to your overall well being. Together you'll figure how to get you to where you want to be as quickly as possible. She's combined her background with yoga and reiki, and her experience with high-level entrepreneurs, and training in the co-active coaching model to design a coaching method that is meant to guide you through the bullshit and into a life of passion. Life is too short to stay in the rut. It's time to climb out and take action on the life you're meant to lead.

Among our clients, we noticed some common trends. For Kelsey, those who were already in touch with their intuition, physical bodies, and deep center were able to tap into that awareness and start taking action much faster. For Devon, many students were craving “the next step” once they had more clarity through meditation. The union of meditation and coaching became not only obvious, but so natural when we thought about how we could really best serve those we work with.


We believe that the world is a better place when more people are living in line with their values. This time in our history desperately needs more and more people living awakened and inspired lives.

why meditation + coaching?

the details

We'll meet as a group over the course of eight 1.5-hour weekly group meetings, consisting of goal setting, group discussions, and different kinds of meditation. We'll bring in lessons learned from the Bhagavad Gita, Stephen Cope's book The Great Work of Your Life, and other thoughtful teachings that help us tap into our intuition and deepen out self-awareness so we can move out of our own way. The calls will all be via Zoom video call.

You'll join Kelsey via video call for 4 individual 1-hour coaching sessions. During these sessions, you'll put the lessons learned from meditation into action! You'll get clear on what's holding you back, how to move past it, what you value most, and how to design your action plan to move forward. These are scheduled every other week during the program. You can also book two half-hour phone calls with Devon in order to discuss anything related to meditation—whether it's spiritual inquiry you crave, or just practical tools to overcome challenges in the practice, she has the knowledge you need.


Ahead of the program, you'll receive an initial discovery assignment to start the process of deep self-inquiry, identify your goals, and get in touch with the tools available to you. 


From day one, you'll be supported by two accomplished practitioners as you commit to designing a life that lights you up.

Deepen your awareness

Take action

Live the life you want

Total Program Cost: $799

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This new 8-week course is offered at more than a 40% discount compared to investing individually in the resources. Additionally, there is the benefit of receiving inspiration and guidance from the other program participants. We can't wait to begin this journey with you!