Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partnerships



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Curious how you can provide your team with individualized support during COVID? Reach out to learn more about partnering to offer 

1:1 coaching to your team.

Holistic Leadership Coaching

Life and work are interchangeable in today's world. It's not about balancing them, but integrating them in a way that makes you feel fulfilled, energized, and in integrity with what you value most. 1:1 holistic coaching is for you to uncover who you are as a leader, and how to create a sustainable lifestyle that best supports the big impact you're meant to have—both inside and outside of the office.

Workplace Transition Coaching

Transitions can be tough, but they're also a rich time for growth, possibility, and new leaders to emerge. Transition coaching is for emerging leaders and managers, or employees navigating change.  These group or 1:1 sessions equip clients with the tools they need to feel confident and inspired as they move past the growth edge and into a space of strength and ease.

Design a custom coaching program for your team to

unlock their fullest potential at work and in life. 

  • Gain clarity on the impact they want to have inside and outside of work

  • Tap into their strengths and learn how to leverage them everyday

  • Discover reliable stress management techniques and practices

  • Find a sense of balance in their life

Typical programs support team members to:

Imagine what's possible when your team is operating from a place of strength, confidence, and purpose!