Start your marriage on the right foot.

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So you're engaged...congratulations!

While it may feel like nothing will be too different once you get married, the truth is that you've committed to co-creating a life together that will have ups, downs, and all the in-betweens. To navigate this successfully, it's important to know what you value as a couple, what your shared goals are, and how to always come back to your strong foundation rooted in love. Life is constantly changing, but your love and appreciation for each other doesn't have to.

Pre-vow coaching is designed to help you:

- uncover what matters most in your new shared life

- discover creative ways to prioritize each other and show your love

- choose how to live by your values as you transition into this next chapter


There is always more to get to know about your partner and who you are as a couple. Now is the perfect time to dig in deeper to your relationship and set aside time to grow as a couple before you make your official vows.

If you're feeling the first dance jitters and want some tried and tested moves to have in your back pocket, a dance lesson is also available!

Pre-Vow Packages

4-Session Package

Session 1: Foundations

We'll uncover your shared values and goals for your relationship.

Session 2: The Wedding

The planning process can be a lot, and sometimes even take away from the fun of being engaged. In this session we'll discuss how to plan it as a team and bring your shared vision of your day to life!

Session 3: Your Vision

In order to create the life we want, we need to have a strong vision. In this session we'll build a vision for your first few years of marriage and lay out a plan to get there.

Session 4: Couple's Choice

For our last session, the floor is yours to decide what feels most important to talk about as you prepare for your vows.

4-Sessions + Dance Lesson

Sessions 1: Foundations

Session 2: The Wedding

Session 3: Your Vision

Session 4: Couple's Choice


1 Dance Lesson

You're engaged now, which means you have a forever dance partner! In addition to the four coaching sessions, you'll also be equipt with all the moves necessary to rock your first dance, and slay any dance floor that comes your way after. 

4 Sessions + Dance Lesson + Officiate

Session1: Foundations

Session 2: The Wedding

Session 3: Your Vision

Session 4: Couple's Choice


1 Dance Lesson



The coaching process (and dancing) is a beautiful way for you to get to know each other even better, and also for me to get to know you as a couple. If you're seeking coaching, a dance lesson, and an officiant to thoughtfully facilitate your ceremony, this option is available for Bay Area couples.


Is this the same as pre-marital counseling?

No, counseling and therapy tend to look back at the past to discuss issues and heal from deep pain and trauma. Coaching looks forward to connect you with your vision for your life, and gives you specific tools and actions to make it happen.

Can I give a pre-vow package as a gift?

Yes! As long as the couple wants coaching, it's an excellent gift. And the dance lesson is always appreciated!

Is the dance lesson in person?

If you're in San Diego or the Bay Area, your dance lesson can be in person. Otherwise it is via zoom.

We already see a couples therapist, will we still benefit?

Absolutely, a lot of my clients have a therapist in addition to our coaching work together. They are complementary ways to learn about yourself and your partner.

Are the coaching sessions in person?

Most are done via zoom video, but some couples choose to have our last session in person if we meet for the dance lesson.

Send any other questions to me at!